The small seed business has been in seed production since 1990 growing a large variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs. All varieties of seed are open pollinated and certified organic with emphasis on quality and the satisfaction of our customers. Seeds are shipped within Canada and only certified organic in British Columbia.


A wide range of bedding plants are grown starting in late winter through the summer. The plants are mostly grown from seeds we save on the farm. Many are heirloom varieties with great taste and good disease resistance, well acclimated for local backyard gardens. Plants are sold locally in Victoria, British Columbia.


The preserves are produced mostly from our garden produce and berry fruits. The tree fruits we obtain from local certified organic farms. All preserves are made with quality certified organic ingredients obtained as locally as possible. Preserves are sold locally in Victoria, British Columbia.

We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.

Wendell Berry

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Rebecca’s Garden is a small certified organic farm growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, berry fruits and seeds. Established in 1990 and first certified in 1997, we now grow in Saanich. The present locations are certified organic by Islands Organic Producers Association, IOPA # 1503.

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