Flower Plants – For Sale in April

Flower plants are $4.00 each for a 4 pack


Ageratum – Beautiful pom-pom blue purple flowers, 1′ high bushy plants, fluffy flowers will continue all summer.

Alyssum – Low spreading annual with heads of tiny white flowers.

Calendula – Bushy annual, blooms all season in glorious shades of orange.

Columbine – Hardy perennial with beautiful trumpet shaped flowers in a variey of colours.

Cornflower – Also called Bachelor Button, a mix of blue, violet, pink & burgundy blooms, great for cut flowers.

Cosmos – Showy annual with blooms in shades of pink & violet & feathery leaves, good cut flower.

Dianthus – Maiden Pinks, small, abundant, bright pink flowers on a mat forming hardy perennial.

Gaillardia – Beautiful tri-coloured yellow, red & orange daisy like flowers.

Hollyhock Mix – Beautiful pastel blooms on tall spikes, single flowers in white, pink, rose and lavender.

Johnny Jump Ups –  Heartease, native to Spain, miniature pansy, edible flower, true classic.

Love-Lies-Bleeding – Annual growing up to 4′ tall with beautiful deep red long drooping cords.

Marigold – French Brocade beautiful tri-coloured flowers in gold, maroon, orange-red.

Marigold  – Gem Mix delicate lacy foliage with bright orange & yellow tiny flowers.

Nasturtiums –Jewel mix, trailing plant, yellow, orange, maroon, some bi- coloured flowers.

Nemesia –Profusion of brilliant, two lipped, tubular, spurred flowers in red, pink, yellow, orange, cream and white

Nigella – Pastel mix of beautiful flowers and ornamental seed pods attractive in arrangements.

Phacelia – Loved by bees, this annual has downy, toothed leaves and five petalled purple flowers.

Poppy – Mix of purple and red single flowers with black centers, reseeds itself every year.

Rose Campion – Clump-forming perennial has many branched gray stems with numerous rose flowers.

Salpaglossis – Beautiful, prolific flower related to petunias with a mix of many colours and shades.

Scabiosa – Sometimes called ‘Pincushion Flower’ for many tiny flowers that make up a single head.

Schizanthus – Known as Angel’s Wings and Poor Man’s Orchid, 18 inch tall fern-like plant, flowers with whit and yellow backgrounds overlain with red, rose, pink and violet patterns.

Snapdragon – Traditional garden favorite, with deepest rose, coral, red and yellow, bi-coloured.

Sunflowers –Titan, large flowering variety growing to 10 feet tall.

Sunflowers – Mix – 6″ flowers different shades in yellows, reds, oranges some bi-coloured.

Sweet William – Fragrant, single-petaled blooms of white, pink, rose, red, violet, bicolored.

Tithonia – Mexican Sunflower, tall bushy annual with bright orange daisy-like blossoms, related to sunflowers.

Texas Hummingbird Sage – Beautiful scarlet flowers attractive to hummingirds and bees.

Verbena Mix – Shades of red, pink, white and lavender, multi-petaled blooms, attracts butterflies.

Wallflower Mix – Long lasting hardy plant with very old fashioned fragrant flowers in red, yellow and orange.

Zinnia – Country Fair, mix of pink, purple, gold, orange and cream blooms.

Zinnia – Persian Carpet, mix of small single, solid and multi coloured flowers.

Zinnia – Queen Series, mix of single and double flowers in lime, orange lime & red lime.