Greens Plants – For Sale in April

Greens plants are $4.00 each for a 4 pack or 6 pack


Brassica Mix – Broccoli Blend, a mix of Dutch varieties
– Brussel’s Sprouts, Bedford Fillbasket, a heirloom variety.  
– Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield a small headed variety.
– Cauliflower, Snowball, a beautiful, delicious white head.

Broccoli – Blend, a mix of Dutch varieties producing over a long season.

Broccoli – Nutri-Bud, an early broccoli, developed by Alan Kapuler, Seeds of Change

Broccoli – Waltham, Italian Green Sprouting, compact solid head & a large crop side shoots.

Brussel’s Sprouts – Bedford Fillbasket, a prolific variety from England.

Cabbage – Early Jersey Wakefield, a delicious early variety with cone shaped heads.

Cabbage – Kaliboos, a beautiful early red variety with cone shaped heads.

Chard – Rainbow, a mix of red, orange, yellow & pink colours beautiful in the garden.

Chard – Rhubarb, a beautiful red stemmed, red veined variety with delicious flavour

Chard – Green, a tender, delicious variety very hardy.

Kale – Red Russian, a tender tasty red ribbed variety with frilly, wavy leaves resembling oak.

Kale – Lacinato, a delicious smoky green Italian variety, known also as Tuscan Kale.

Kale – Dwarf Blue Scotch,  a delicious curly mossy green variety from Scotland.

Lettuce – Mix of different colours & varieties, frilled leaf, romaine, oak leaf and butterhead.

Sorrel – French, beautiful lime green leaves with a lemony taste.