Pepper Plants – For Sale in May

Pepper plants are $5.00 each for a 3.5″ pot


Anaheim – Long green chile tapering to a point, widely grown in the South and California, pendant habit, thick fleshed, ripening from green to red, medium sweet heat.

Bulgarian Carrot– Bright orange, bullet shaped, 2-4 inches long, spicy hot, Bulgarian Heirloom.

Cayenne, Red – Bright red, skinny chile, 4-5 inches long, thin fleshed, fiery hot, for ristras, from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Chilaca– Ripening to chocolate brown, Pasilla type chile, 6-8 inches long by 1 inch wide, medium heat.

Czechoslovakian Black – Dark green maturing to shiny black, 2-3 inch fruits, mildly hot, Heirloom.

De Arbol – Name is allusion to its tree like habit, medium pungency, crisp smoky flavour, used dried in sauces.

Fish– 19th century African American heirloom, variegated foliage, 3 inch long striped colourful fruits.

Fresno -Medium hot chile from Mexico, bright green maturing to orange red, 2-3 inches long by 1 inch wide.

Habanero -Dark green lantern shaped fruits, maturing to orange, tropical fruit flavour, intense fiery heat.

Habanero, Chocolate – Chocolate brown habanero from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, intense fiery heat.

Habanero, Red – Caribbean favorite, very hot, citrusy flavour, 3 foot plant produces many fruits.

Habanero, White – Very prolific, small ivory fruit ripening to deep orange chile with fruity, citrusy flavours.

Hungarian Hot Wax – Smooth, waxy bright yellow ripening to orange then red, tapering to a point, medium heat.

Jalapeno – Bright green maturing to red, 2-3 inches long by 1 inch wide, thick fleshed, spicy heat.

Mulato – Type of poblano with a purple-black tinge, 4-5 inches long by 2-3 inches wide, deep smoky flavour.

Padron – Shiny green 1-1.5 inch heirloom pepper from northwestern Spain, taste mild except 1 in 20 will be hot, fruit gets hotter as it matures.

Pasilla – Ripening to chocolate brown, Chilaca type chile, 6-8 inches long by 1 inch wide, medium heat.

Poblano– Dark green maturing to deep dark red, 4-5 inches long by 2-3 inches wide, mild when green and medium heat when mature, most popular fresh chile in Mexico, thick fleshed, heart shaped.

Rocoto, Amarillo– Also known as Manzano chile, green maturing to bright yellow, thick fleshed, oldest known chile cultivar, grown by the Incas, about 2-3 inches round, very intense fiery hear, likes cooler temperatures, long season with late maturing fruit.

Rocoto, Chocolat– Same as above except matures to a deep reddish brown.

Rocoto, Naranjo– Same as above except matures to a bright orange.

Rocoto, Rojo– Same as above except matures to a deep red.

Serrano– Dark green to scarlet when ripe, 2-3 inches long, cylindrical, clean biting hear, thick fleshed.

Tabasco– Blocky, bright red, fiery hot, thick fleshed, small fruit, very prolific.

Thai Dragon – This Asian pepper has a medium pungency, thin fleshed, long slim fruit, yellow-green ripening to red, the dried pods are used in stir-fry.

Trinidad Scorpion – Member of the chinense family of peppers, related to the habanero, thin fleshed and fiery hot, previously rated the hottest pepper in the world.


Alma Paprika – Creamy white maturing to orange red, small round fruits, very thick walled, extremely productive, slightly warm and very sweet, best for drying and grinding into paprika and for fresh eating.

Chocolate Beauty – Large beautiful shiny green bell ripening to chocolate brown with great flavour when green turning to excellent rich sweet flavour when ripe.

Cubanelle – Known as ‘Cuban pepper’, light green turning yellow then ripening to bright red, banana shaped, long and slender, thinner fleshed then bells with sweet, rich, mild flavour, great fresh at any stage, quick cooking.   

Garden Sunshine – Creamy yellow maturing to orange them red, large bell shaped fruits narrowing at the tip, thick fleshed, very juicy mild flavour best used when yellow and orange, extremely productive.

Giant Szegedi – Pale yellow maturing to deep orange, very large bell shaped, medium thick fleshed, tender and succulent, disease resistant, from the town of Szeged in Hungary.

Gypsy – Beautiful yellow maturing to red, thick walled, 6-7 inches long tapering to a point, extra sweet when it turns red, produces more fruits than bell types.

Italian Frying – Shiny green maturing to red, medium thick fleshed, large 5-7 inches long, wide tapering at the point, very sweet flesh, crisp and juicy.

Pepperoncini– An Italian heirloom and the ultimate pickling pepper, bushy plants produce sweet yellow, long curved fruit ripening to orange-red, amazingly sweet, produces even in the cool summers.

Purple Beauty – Deep purple maturing to purple red, large bell pepper, thick fleshed with four lobes, mild sweet flavour, tender crisp texture, holds in the purple stage for a long time.

Red Ruffled – Dark green maturing to crimson red, large round pleated fruits, very thick fleshed, 3-4 inch lobed fruits shaped like a tomato, marvelous fresh eating sweet pimiento pepper.

Staddon’s Select – Glossy green maturing to bright red, large bell pepper, 3-4 lobes with thick flesh, wonderful sweet flavour especially when ripe, early maturing and very prolific.

Sunrise Orange – Beautiful yellow maturing to bright orange red, large bell pepper with 3-4 lobes, medium thick fleshed, crisp sweet flavour, very early maturing variety adapted to northern growing.

Sweet Chocolate – Early prolific thick fleshed fruit, ripens from green to chocolate outside and brick red inside, great for gardeners in short season areas.

Sweet Spanish – Prolific producer of thick fleshed, heart shaped fruit, ripens from green to red, sweet at any stage, originates in Spain but is also popular in France.