Pickles and relishes are made from certified organic vegetables, certified organic apple cider vinegar, certified organic sugar, certified organic herbs and/or spices, unrefined sea salt. Spicy Dills and Dilly Beans contain no sugar. Filtered water is used in the process of making pickles.

Pickled Beets

Bread & Butter Pickles

Corn Relish

Dilly Beans

Pickled Hot Peppers

Millionaire Relish

Spicy Dills

Pickled Garlic

Pickle and relish orders can be made by emailing rebsgarden@shaw.ca or by contacting us through the website with your request. Pickles are $6.00 for a 250 ml jar except for the garlic which is a 125 ml jar and relishes are $7.00 for a 250 ml jar.