Tomato Plants SOLD OUT

Tomato plants are $4.00 each for a 4″ pot


Amana Orange – Bright Orange Large Fruit, Ind., Few Seeds, Delicious Flavour, Heirloom.  

Aunt Ruby’s German Green – Light Green and Yellow Beefsteak Type Large Fruit, Ind., Sweet, Spicy Flavor, Heirloom.

Black Krim – Dark Red Purple Thin Skinned Large Fruit, Ind., Full Flavour, Very Juicy, Russian Heirloom.

Black Prince – Medium Size Juicy Fruit, Deep Brownish-Red Flesh, Ind., Luscious Flavour, Siberian Heirloom.

Black Russian – Opalescent Dark Rose Thin Skinned Medium Fruit, Ind. Sweet Delicious Flavour, Russian Heirloom.

Black Sea Man – Pink Brown with Olive Green Shading, Large Fruit, Det., Early, Delicious, Russian Heirloom.

Ceylon – Red with Orange Shoulders, Multi-ribbed Flat Medium Fruit, Ind., Good Tart Flavour, Heirloom.

Chocolate Striped – Mahogany fruit with Deeper Dark Green Stripes up to 1 lb., Ind., Rich Earthy Flavour.

Costoluto Fiorentino – Big Red Italian Beefsteak Type Fruit, Ind., Blight Resistant, Tasty, Heirloom.

Costoluto Genovese – Medium Deep Red Flattish Fruits, Ind., Old Italian Variety, Absolutely Delicious.

Extra Early Legend – Late Blight Resistant, Medium Sized Red Fruits, Det., Good in Cool Summers.

German Pink – Large Deep Pink Fruits, Ind., Excellent Sweet Flavour, Few Seeds, Bavarian Heirloom.

German Red Strawberry – Large Red Strawberry Shape, Ind., Old-fashioned Flavour, German Heirloom.

Gold Dust – Extra-Early, Golden-Orange Medium Fruit, Det., Crack Resistant, Blemish Free, Tasty.

Heronland Early – Red Large to Medium Sized Fruit, Ind., Very Early, Excellent Taste.

Longkeeper – Light Golden Orange to Red Skin, High Acid Red Flesh, Semi-Det., Stores for up to 12 weeks.

Persimmon – Large Beefsteak Size Day-Glo Orange Fruits, Ind., Delicious Flavour, Heirloom.

Pineapple – Large Beefsteak Size Yellow Fruits with Orange Stripes, Ind., Delicious Flavour, Heirloom.

Potato Leaf White – Creamy White Medium Fruits, Thin Skin, Ind., Sweet Mild Tasting Flesh, Novelty Tomato.

Purple Calabash – Purple-Pink Medium to Small Ruffled Fruit, Ind., Heirloom, Drought Tolerant, Delicious.

Radiator Charles Mortgage Lifter – Large Fruit, Ind., Full Tomato Flavour, Few Seeds, from 1930’s.

Taxi – Excellent Early Medium Yellow Fruit, Det., Blemish Free, Flavourful, Easy to Grow.

Tiger Stripe – Beautiful Bright Red Medium Fruit with Golden Stripes, Ind., Delicious Flavour, Heirloom.

Zebra, Green – Beautiful Bright Green and Yellow Striped Medium Fruit, Ind., Sweet Flavour, Heirloom.

Zebra, Red – Beautiful Fire Engine Red and Orange Striped Medium Fruit, Ind., Slightly Tart Flavour.


Austin’s Red Pear – Pear Shaped, 2″, Bright Red with Elongated Neck, Ind., Superior Flavour.

Chocolate Cherry – Delicious Red-Black Fruits with Sweet Complex Flavour, Ind., Abundant Producer.

Elfin Cherry – Bright Red Shiny Fruit, Det., Bears Clusters of Yummy Grape Shaped Fruit, Very Prolific.

Esterina – Bright Yellow Cherry, Ind., Sweet Delicious Flavour, Vigorous Plant, Highly Productive.

Gardener’s Delight – Red Cherry, Vigorous Plants, Best Staked, Ind., German-bred, Sweet Flavour.

Gold Nugget – Bright Golden Fruit, Det., Compact Plant, Mild Flavour, Very Prolific Producer.

Green Grape – Green-Yellow Cherry, Resembling Large Muscat Grapes, Det., Easily Cultivated, Delicious.

Peacevine – Bright Red Fruit, Ind., Very Prolific, Crack Resistant, Very Tasty, Developed by Alan Kapular of Seeds of Change Farm.

Sun Gold -Bright Orange Cherry, Ind., Delicious Flavour, Prolific, Seed Developed at Two Wings Farm.

Sweet Chelsea – Slightly larger Fire-engine Red Fruit, Ind., Abundant, Prolific Vines, Very Tasty.

White Cherry – Pale Yellow to Ivory 1 ounce Fruits, Ind., Sweet Fruity Flavour, Early, Productive.


Amish Paste -Deep Red, Thick Fleshed, Ind., Few Seeds, Prolific, Tasty Canner, Heirloom.

Ardwyna – Bright Red and Gold Large Ribbed Paste Type Fruit, Ind., Great Flavour, High Yields.

Roma – Italian Red Paste Type Fruit, Det., Strong Vigorous Prolific Plants, Firm, Tasty, Good for Canning.

San Marzano – Intensely Red Large Long Slim Paste Type, Ind., Crack Resistant, Stores Well, Excellent for Canning, Favorite in Italy.

Yellow Bell – Beautiful Creamy Yellow Paste Type, Ind., Great Flavour, Rare Heirloom from Tennessee.

Ind. – Indeterminate variety of vining type tomato plant.

Det. – Determinate variety of bush type tomato plant.