Tomato Plants – For Sale in May

Tomato plants are $5.00 each for a 4″ pot


Amana Orange – Bright orange large fruit, Ind., few seeds, delicious flavour, heirloom.  

Aunt Ruby’s German Green – Light green and yellow beefsteak type large fruit, Ind., sweet, spicy flavor, heirloom.

Black Krim – Dark red purple thin skinned large fruit, Ind., full flavour, very juicy, Russian heirloom.

Black Prince – Medium size juicy fruit, deep brownish-red flesh, Ind., luscious flavour, Siberian heirloom.

Black Russian – Opalescent dark rose thin skinned medium fruit, Ind. sweet delicious flavour, Russian heirloom.

Black Sea Man – Pink brown fruit with olive green shading, large sized fruit, Det., early, delicious, Russian heirloom.

Ceylon – Red with orange shoulders, multi-ribbed flat medium fruit, Ind., good tart flavour, heirloom.

Chocolate Striped – Mahogany fruit with deeper dark green stripes, medium to large size, Ind., rich earthy flavour.

Costoluto Fiorentino – Big red Italian beefsteak type fruit, Ind., blight resistant, tasty, heirloom.

Costoluto Genovese – Medium deep red flattish fruits, Ind., old Italian variety, absolutely delicious.

Extra Early Legend – Late blight resistant, medium sized red fruits, Det., good in cool summers.

German Pink – Large deep pink fruits, Ind., excellent sweet flavour, few seeds, Bavarian heirloom.

German Red Strawberry – Large red strawberry shape, Ind., old-fashioned flavour, German heirloom.

Gold Dust – Extra-early, golden-orange medium fruit, Det., crack resistant, blemish free, tasty.

Heronland Early – Red large to medium sized fruit, Ind., very early, excellent taste.

Longkeeper – Light golden orange skin with red blush interiors, high acid , Semi-Det., stores for up to 12 weeks.

Persimmon – Medium size day-glo orange fruits, Ind., delicious flavour, heirloom.

Pineapple – Large beefsteak size yellow fruits with orange stripes, Ind., delicious flavour, heirloom.

Potato Leaf White – Creamy white medium fruits, thin skin, Ind., sweet mild tasting flesh, novelty tomato.

Purple Calabash – Purple-pink medium to small ruffled fruit, Ind., heirloom, drought tolerant, delicious.

Radiator Charles Mortgage Lifter – Large fruit, Ind., full tomato flavour, few seeds, from 1930’s.

Taxi – Excellent early medium yellow fruit, Det., blemish free, flavourful, easy to grow.

Tiger Stripe – Beautiful bright red medium fruit with golden stripes, Ind., delicious flavour, heirloom.

Zebra, Green – Beautiful bright green and yellow striped medium fruit, Ind., sweet flavour, heirloom.

Zebra, Red – Beautiful fire engine red and orange striped medium fruit, Ind., slightly tart flavour.


Austin’s Red Pear – Pear shaped, 2″, bright red with elongated neck, Ind., superior flavour.

Beam’s Yellow Pear – Pear shaped, 1.5″, golden yellow with elongated neck, Ind., best flavour of yellow pears.

Blueberry Cherry – Indigo producing a red blush when ripe, 2″, Ind., flavour best when the red blush almost covers the fruit.

Chocolate Cherry – Delicious red-purple fruits with sweet complex flavour, Ind., abundant producer.

Elfin Cherry – Bright red shiny fruit, Det., bears clusters of yummy grape shaped fruit, very prolific.

Esterina – Bright yellow cherry, Ind., sweet delicious flavour, vigorous plant, highly productive.

Gardener’s Delight – Red cherry, vigorous plants, best staked, Ind., German-bred, sweet flavour.

Gold Nugget – Bright golden fruit, Det., compact plant, mild flavour, very prolific producer.

Green Grape – Green-yellow cherry, resembling large muscat grapes, Det., easily cultivated, delicious.

Peacevine – Bright red fruit, Ind., very prolific, crack resistant, very tasty, developed by Alan Kapular of Seeds of Change Farm.

Sun Gold -Bright orange cherry, Ind., delicious flavour, prolific, seed developed at Two Wings Farm.

Sweet Chelsea – Slightly larger fire-engine red fruit, Ind., abundant, prolific vines, very tasty.

White Cherry – Pale yellow to ivory 1 ounce fruits, Ind., sweet fruity flavour, early, productive.


Amish Paste -Deep red, thick fleshed, Ind., few seeds, prolific, tasty canner, heirloom.

Ardwyna – Bright red and gold large ribbed paste type fruit, Ind., great flavour, high yields.

Roma – Italian red paste type fruit, Det., strong vigorous prolific plants, firm, tasty, good for canning.

San Marzano – Intensely red large long slim paste type, Ind., crack resistant, stores well, excellent for canning, favorite in Italy.

Yellow Bell – Beautiful creamy yellow paste type, Ind., great flavour, rare heirloom from Tennessee.

Ind. – Indeterminate variety of vining type tomato plant.

Det. – Determinate variety of bush type tomato plant.